Okay,well... Here I am.

Not what you expected? Sorry. I guess I should talk about me now, huh? I like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Suicidal Tendencies and a bunch of other music. I think Brittney Spears and N'Sync and all the other acts put together to fill a demographic niche and make the music industry execs richer, by targeting a younger audience, should be flogged, caned even. I am pagan, NOT A SATANIST (I don't even believe in Satan.) I really like Mexican food and Chinese food. My birthday is in the warm times, unless you're from the southern hemisphere.
I've been drawing and writing comic strips most of my life and everything up until now seemed to suck. Hell Sweet Hell makes me happy and I'll continue working on it for as long as I can. If you find something you like on the site, or something you'd like to see, E-mail me. If you find something wrong, and I don't mean in a nitpicky, fanboy kind of way, let me know. I'll probably set up a link to a fanboy page as I think the fanboys have a place in the world.
I have always liked comics and cartoons, some of my fave comics being, of course, Bloom County/Outland, Calvin and Hobbes, DragonBall Z, and Beast Machines: Transformers. I think I'm out of things to say for now. Seeya around...

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