Satan: Dark Lord of Hell, Prince of Darkness, Lord of Lies, Lucifer Lightbringer. Satan is a BIG man where he comes from. However, perceptionally speaking, he's pretty normal. He may be in charge of it, but he still lives in hell. Whoever said,"It's better to rule in hell than serve in heaven," never tried it. Imagine a life where every pet is a monster, every job is a major calamity and looking for love is an ordeal of epic proportions. Not to mention all the paperwork.

Satan thinks that he's the only one suffering in the entirety of the pit. He's not taken into account his immediate underling, Toady, who actually does almost all of the REAL work in Hell administration. Satan basically stands around and bitches a lot, though, granted, life is Hell.

As for family, which as we all know, CAN be Hell, we'll meet some of his soon enough...



Oh, PLEASE! Like you think he's the original Satan. This is a real family franchise. Hell opened for business a LOOOONG time ago.





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